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K2D Strategies

About Us

Our Power is in Our People

The diversity of our teams’ knowledge is our strength. With roots in analysis and reporting, direct mail production, design for the web, email marketing, acquisition strategy, telemarketing, and political campaigns, the experience each of us brings to the table serves to make our clients’ programs stronger.

Two photos, one of the K2D team during a meeting in our offices, and a closeup of Jenn Deerr and Kris Anderson sitting at a table

Meet Our Team

Karin Kirchoff

Founder and President

Jennifer Deerr

Executive Vice President and Partner

Kris Anderson

Account Manager

Lori Archut

Vice President of Client Services

Jeph Christoff

Senior Designer/Developer

Bruce Duesterhoeft

Digital Account Director

Matthew Dubins

Data Scientist/Consultant

Erin Fitzgerald

Digital Account Director

Britt Grotos

Digital Account Coordinator

Winnie Mackintosh

Account Executive

Stephanie Musser

Senior Account Director

Jen Parker

Vice President of Digital Strategy

Rose Richtmyre

Account Manager

Grace Tiernan

Digital Account Coordinator

Our Values

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    We believe that creating positive change in the world requires us to bring all voices to the table. We are committed to attracting and retaining a diverse team.

    Our inclusive culture inspires us to explore new ideas, speak openly, and encourage innovation through collaboration.

  • Equality and Fairness

    Equality and Fairness

    We believe in equality and fairness for women, people of color, LGBTQIA individuals, and people of all abilities. Fairness, or equity, is giving everyone what they need to be successful, equality is treating everyone the same and the world and its citizens needs both.

  • Children and Education

    Children and Education

    We believe in ensuring that all children have access to quality education, care, and experience. Millions of children are not learning because of poverty, discrimination, or because they are too hungry to learn. We must do better.

  • Defending our Democracy

    Defending our Democracy

    We support and defend America's fundamental freedoms and rights. Corporate influence in politics is getting in the way of progress on everything from climate change to gun control. Now is the time for us to work together and build a democracy that works for everyone and represents everyone.

  • Animal Welfare

    Animal Welfare

    We care deeply about the furry and feathered friends in our care and around the world. We believe that animal welfare isn't just a shelter issue — it's a community issue.

  • The Environment

    The Environment

    We believe climate change is real. We care about protecting the environment and wildlife and we know that a sustainable future is possible if we stand up and fight.

  • Arts and Culture

    Arts and Culture

    The arts provide jobs, attract tourism, aid in rural development, and bring many other benefits. By investing in the arts and culture we can improve livability and boost state and local economies.

Partners & Affiliations

The non-profit space changes at the speed of light. Building and maintaining strong partnerships with service providers and professional organizations is critical — that’s why we love these engagement tools and thought leaders.

Engaging Networks Design and Development Partner
EveryAction Partner
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DMAW 2021 Corporate Partner