Maximizing Donations through Multi-Channel Digital Strategies

What we knew

Save the Redwoods League needed to raise funds for the acquisition and protection of the Lost Coast Redwoods – a stunning 3,181-acre property along the rugged Northern California coast.

The campaign took place between December 9th and December 31st, strategically timed to coincide with the year-end fundraising season. Leveraging the success of the League’s Giving Tuesday campaign, the objective was to motivate donors to make generous contributions during this critical fundraising period by offering a dollar-for-dollar matching gift opportunity. 

Save the Redwoods Logo
Photo of a woman wearing a teal jacket in the Lost Coast Redwoods
Screenshot of the final lightbox

What we did

The campaign aimed to achieve an ambitious fundraising goal by creating a compelling digital series that resonated with the League’s audience, including both loyal donors and potential new supporters from the Save the Redwoods League email list.

The strategy focused on authentic and persuasive copy accompanied by captivating imagery of the Lost Coast Redwoods property. Communication efforts were intensified through increased email frequency, including a “press release” email to set the stage for the Year-End series.

Additionally, the campaign utilized a homepage takeover, a lightbox promotion on internal pages of the website, and paid Facebook advertising with captivating visuals to drive engagement and donations. 

What happened

The Save the Redwoods League’s digital year-end campaign for the Lost Coast Redwoods was a remarkable success, surpassing all expectations and showcasing the power of effective digital fundraising strategies. The 2021 campaign raised an impressive $250,329 – a staggering 247% increase compared to the previous year’s campaign that generated $72,273.

Despite having a larger email audience, the campaign achieved remarkable engagement rates, demonstrating the effectiveness of the messaging and the cause’s appeal. Leveraging digital channels, such as email marketing and paid Facebook advertising, enabled the campaign to expand its reach and connect with both existing and potential donors. 

The campaign’s success exemplified the potency of a well-executed, multi-channel fundraising strategy. By combining authentic storytelling, captivating imagery, increased communication, and paid digital advertising, the Save the Redwoods League effectively engaged donors and surpassed its fundraising goals. Beyond securing the protection of the beautiful Lost Coast Redwoods, the campaign emphasized the significance of utilizing digital platforms to make a substantial impact in conservation efforts.

Screenshot of an email from the campaign
Screenshot of an email from the campaign

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