Distinct Expertise, Deep Roots

Our power lies in diversity of our collective knowledge. Each of us hails from a distinct background, be it data analysis and reporting, direct mail production, digital design, email marketing, acquisition strategy, telemarketing, or political campaigning.

This diverse blend of experiences not only amplifies our own abilities, but also bolsters the strength and success of our clients’ programs.

Meet Our Team

Founder and President
Executive Vice President and Partner

Our Power is our people

We have a deep respect for skill and talent. If you’re ready to make a difference by working with organizations and companies that are changing the world, you’ll fit in perfectly here.

Our Values


The non-profit space changes at the speed of light. Building and maintaining strong partnerships with service providers and professional organizations is critical — that’s why we love these engagement tools and thought leaders.

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Partner Programs & Certifications

These affiliations empower K2D to deliver personalized engagement and driving sustainable growth for our clients


Through innovative approaches and a dedication to making a difference, K2D’s accolades highlight out leadership in the non-profit marketing sector.


  • Gold Nonprofit Special Appeal
    White Coat Waste Project
  • Bronze Nonprofit Special Appeal
    White Coat Waste Project


  • Gold Nonprofit Fundraising Appeal
    Save the Redwoods League
  • Bronze Nonprofit Special Appeal
    Humane Society Naples
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Good News Friday

We have a tradition at K2D of celebrating good news and positive, uplifting stories – usually on Fridays.
We also share team updates, quotes, inspiration, and anything we find interesting.

Ms. Magazine on CBS Sunday Morning

Our client, Katherine Spillar of Feminist Majority, appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to talk about 50 years of Ms. Magazine!

Meet Goomba and Peach, my new foster baby bunnies that were abandoned outside. I’m fostering through Only Sunshine Sanctuary, a small animal sanctuary in Sacramento County that does amazing work for animals.

Photo of Karin Kirchoff's new business card with the new K2D Strategies brand

🎉 New logo and new branding means new business cards, and they’re looking sharper than ever! Infused with K2D’s unique style and passion, they’re more than just a card – scan the QR Code on the back to add our contact info to your phone!

Millie, my new kitten, was super interested in Karin and August during our meeting today. Our team is purr-fect! Who’s crashed your meetings this week?

We are delighted to celebrate two of our bestest team members – Lori and Erin both have July work-a-versaries at K2D! Thanks for your amazing contributions and for being gifted human beings. Happy Anniversary! 🎉

“Our commitment to defending sunk costs keeps those systems long after they’re no longer serving a purpose.”

Seth Godin

This is such a nuanced example of doing something a certain way “because that is the way we’ve always done it.” Be curious! Ask why! If there is a better way, let’s do it.

Are you registered for Bridge? Come see me Friday morning at my session or reach out and we can grab coffee!

I love all animals, but maligned animals like snakes have a special place in my heart. Save the Snakes does amazing work to mitigate human-snake conflict around the world, empowering community members to build harmonious relationships with nature.

The K2D Team at a Washington Nationals game

During our annual retreat, we took a break to see The Nationals beat the Chicago Cubs 4-3!

“N-A-T-S Nats Nats Nats!”