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K2D Strategies

Our Services

Our Craft & Expertise

Our team has decades of experience in all aspects of direct response fundraising. We have managed and analyzed every channel — from mail to mobile, from telemarketing to email marketing and from paid digital advertising to lead gen. We never stop learning, never stop pushing the envelope, and (almost) never say ‘no’

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Full-service Direct Response Fundraising Program Management

Our team offers top-notch, full service, direct response program management for online and offline channels including budget development, communications mapping, cross channel strategy and creative development, digital implementation and direct mail production, campaign reporting, and KPI analysis. If this sounds like what you need, let’s talk!

  • Direct Response Program Management
  • Communications Mapping
  • Cross Channel Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Data Mining for Planned Giving Lead Generation
  • Digital Implementation
  • Direct Mail Production
  • Budget Development
  • Campaign Reporting
  • KPI Analysis

Direct Mail Program Management

If you manage digital in house or with another agency, our team brings you their A game to managing their direct mail program with award winning creative, stellar project management that keeps the trains running on time, and high quality, cost effective direct mail implementation.

  • Award Winning Creative
  • Stellar Project Management
  • Cost Effective Direct Mail Implementation
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Strategies Using Direct Mail to Deliver Planned Giving Messaging
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Digital Program Management

With digital channels always evolving, you need a partner that stays on the cutting edge. Our digital team delivers great creative, email implementation, website optimization, Google Grant management, award-winning fundraising and engagement strategy, and results that benefit your program.

  • Award-Winning Creative
  • Email Implementation
  • Website Optimization
  • Google Grant Management
  • Award-Winning Fundraising
  • Engagement Strategy

Program Assessment and Audits

For non-profit organizations who are considering whether to begin a direct response program or who need to better understand if their program is fully optimized, we conduct program assessments and audits including a creative review, file audit, and program deep dive. Our clients use these findings to take their program to new heights!

  • Program Assessments and Audits
  • Creative & User Experience Review
  • Award-Winning Fundraising
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Direct Response File Audit for Planned Giving Revenue Opportunity
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Our Approach

The K2D Strategies team has helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. Because of the depth of our long-standing relationships in the nonprofit community, K2D Strategies is uniquely positioned to bring strategic vision and align necessary resources for our clients to solve direct response challenges.

  • 1. We are Curious

    Before digging in, we ask a lot of questions. We gather information to gain the most comprehensive view possible of your organization. During our onboarding process, we will work with you to understand both your current file dynamics and what it will take to achieve your short, mid- and long-term goals.

  • 2. We Think & Strategize

    Just as every organization is different, K2D Strategies approaches meeting client goals in a way unique to that organization and the unique challenges they face. K2D Strategies aligns our staff resources to meet your program where it is and take it where it needs to go. Our team includes both account managers and senior strategists who are skilled at supporting each of our client’s unique needs.

  • 3. We believe in strong partnerships

    Of course, the best in analytics, segmentation, creative, and offer development mean nothing if getting a campaign in market is cost prohibitive or scheduled mail and launch dates are missed. For those reasons, K2D Strategies offers top notch schedule and direct mail production management. We partner with extraordinary direct mail production experts to competitively bid production services that ensure our clients are getting the best pricing and quality materials and that meet mail dates too.

  • 4. We value the work of our clients

    We are direct – telling it like we see it. We are dedicated – working only with organizations where we have a passion for the cause. Our team is eager to bring our decades of experience to you!