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K2D Strategies

Success Story:
Developing and Implementing a Multi-Channel, Digital Campaign


Save the Redwoods League had a unique opportunity in the first half of 2018 to raise needed funds in support of the grove at Red Hill under the Land Acquisition Fund. And, we knew their file LOVED land acquisition. The challenge was there was very little time to implement a campaign and raise the necessary funds before the June 25th deadline.

Our Approach:

K2D developed a strategy and implemented a multipart campaign across digital channels that included creative and message testing, engagement, storytelling, and more. Campaign components from the six-week campaign included:

QA and implementation for this campaign was challenging. With an aggressive email schedule and aggressive testing agenda, in addition to three lightboxes, the team mapped and managed the schedule, and worked closely with both the client’s development AND communication teams. We used fake forwards and development team members as email signers to streamline the copy approval process and reduced email versioning to focus on ROI.


In short, the campaign was a rousing success. The campaign raised 93% of the budgeted revenue for the quarter, social media ads had a 5:1 return on ad spend (ROAS) and generated more revenue than the paid ads delivered during the prior year-end (December 2017), and the overall campaign fundraising goal was achieved. This campaign now serves as the model for the execution of future land acquisition opportunities for Save the Redwoods League.