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K2D Strategies

Success Story:
Increasing Digital File Engagement through e-Advocacy


The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) has long advocated for LGBTQ youth. These students are 3x more likely to commit suicide than their straight counterparts and the majority have felt unsafe in school. During a congressional hearing, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was pressed on LGBTQ discrimination against our country’s LGBTQ youth and she refused to condemn it. NCLR needed to take action. Unfortunately, internal bandwidth issues at NCLR and an email file that had deliverability problems made communicating with their constituents difficult.

Our Approach:

As the school year started back up, the time was right to call out Secretary DeVos and demand that she stand up for all children. We created a three-part email series designed to engage constituents and invite them to take action. To increase deliverability, we segmented the file, used new and varying signers, and altered send dates and times to break through the noise in email inboxes. The petition daisy-chained to a fundraising ask. In addition, we targeted constituents on Facebook and used lightboxes and slider images to capture web traffic.

DeVos Lightbox


The campaign spanned two weeks in total and in the end, it was the best engagement campaign NCLR had ever run. More than 1,000 petitions were signed, open rates were strong and on par with industry averages (they had fallen to under 8% for most sends prior to this). And while the goal of the campaign was not fundraising, it also generated unbudgeted revenue.