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K2D Strategies

Success Story:
Rebuilding and Expanding a Fundraising Program


After years of declining results, a regional library was ending its participation in a library consortium. Though the consortium provided cost efficiencies and access to lists, the organization was interested in expanding fundraising efforts and recapturing their voice and tone in order to attract donors who were more likely to upgrade and stay with the organization over time.

Our Approach:

First, package creative was revamped to communicate the library’s unique tone, voice, and point of view. Then the team combed through the available data and determined the appropriate audience for both house file and acquisition campaigns – including identifying warm prospects who were likely to convert to donors. Finally, the team analyzed the program costs and using cost-efficiencies within the program (including printing over several campaigns, scaling back on unnecessary color and special paper stocks) were able to keep costs in check.


The transition from being part of a consortium to a stand-alone mailer was successfully accomplished in the first year! Package costs remained flat year-over-year, but retention and new donor acquisition increased, growing the file by 50% in the past two fiscal years and improving overall retention by 10 percentage points!