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K2D Strategies

Success Story:
Using Innovative Segmentation to Grow a Mid-Level Program


A national social justice organization dedicated to advancing reproductive rights was interested in growing their small (500 donor) mid-level donor pool and enhancing the pipeline for major and planned gifts.

Our Approach:

First, the team analyzed the existing donor file and identified several key behaviors that signaled a donor was capable and ready to upgrade giving. These behaviors included significant gift upgrading where their initial gift of $50 or more was at least doubled in a subsequent gift and donors who joined the organization with an initial gift of $100 or more. Once a donor on file exhibited one of these behaviors, it triggered pulling them into a mid-level upgrade group that was provided mid-level package and content treatment as well as a more aggressive dollar ask.


The results were fantastic. By incorporating this “trigger strategy,” the organization was able to increase the number of donors in their mid-level group by over 22% in the first three years – resulting in over $175,000 in additional gross revenue for the same time period. They even gained three $10,000+ major gifts from the original low-dollar trigger pool.