Jeph Christoff

Senior Designer/Developer 
| He/Him/They

Our Senior Designer is a dynamic creative force known for his exceptional digital expertise. With a flair for beautiful and engaging designs that captivate and convert, he has a knack for developing and executing complex digital strategies. Jeph approaches every challenge with curiosity, enthusiasm, and humility, driven by a firm belief that even the most significant problems can be solved to make the world a better place.

With nearly two decades in the fundraising industry, Jeph has had the privilege to collaborate with various organizations striving for positive change. His portfolio includes work with American Rivers, Concern Worldwide, Save the Redwoods League, Sea Shepherd, Equal Justice Works, Feminist Majority, and the Center for American Progress, among others.

His multifaceted skill set encompasses designing compelling and responsive websites, landing pages, lightboxes, and microsites that look great regardless of the device being used, along with conducting extensive A/B testing and creating award-winning emails.

Jeph is a proud alumnus of West Virginia University (Go Mountaineers!), holds a BFA, and resides in Ellicott City, MD with his partner Blake and their three cats, Pepper, Smokie, and Astro.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeph’s passions range from culinary creativity with new cookie recipes and sourdough bread perfection, to pottery, and playing tabletop and board games. His zest for life infuses everything he does, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Articles by Jeph
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