Lori Archut

Vice President of Client Services 
| She/Her

Lori Archut has been a dynamic force in the realm of direct response for 15 years and counting. Armed with an eclectic blend of talents in production, account management, client service, and relationship-building, she serves as Vice President of Client Services. 

Lori started her career in New Jersey politics, where she honed her skills as director of communications for three members of the state legislature before moving to the DC area. She produced campaign persuasion mail for Democratic candidates across the country, including IE mail in support of Kerry for President before her altruistic spirit led her into nonprofit fundraising. 

Possessing a keen eye for detail and a relentless passion for cracking challenges, Lori thrives in the energetic world of multichannel direct response fundraising. From masterful strategy creation and precise audience selection to flawless execution and comprehensive reporting, she’s a true dynamo. 

Lori takes immense pride in her extensive portfolio, having orchestrated programs for an impressive roster of exceptional organizations including The American Heart Association, AARP Foundation, Defenders of Wildlife, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, National Women’s Law Center, The Wilderness Society, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, among others.

In her downtime, Lori finds solace in the company of canine and human friends, immerses herself in the world of books, and basks in the serenity of the beach. Lori strives to infuse every aspect of her life with a blend of joyous enthusiasm and sarcastic wit. And because she’s an avid Phillies phan, she rides the highs and lows of life with unwavering passion. 

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