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Founder and President 
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For more than 25 years, Karin Kirchoff, founder and president of K2D Strategies has dedicated her career to working for causes that make the world a better place. By implementing dynamic and forward-thinking, multichannel marketing programs, she has helped to generate tens of millions for animal welfare and environmental causes, advocacy programs focused on women’s rights, LGBTQ equality, and children; and social service causes that help the people and communities most in need.

Building strong relationships between members, donors, and the causes those individuals support has been critical to Karin’s approach to nonprofit program management and growth. As the deputy executive director for National PTA, Karin revamped the federated organization’s infrastructure in record time and improved membership retention by 40% in less than 18 months. While serving as the vice president of membership for Defenders of Wildlife, Karin managed the explosive growth of the monthly giving program (73% growth in four years – from 15,000 sustainers to 26,000), created a seamless integration between online and offline marketing efforts, and converted the expensive member services function from a cost center into a profit center. During her tenure on staff with the Human Rights Campaign (and later as their consultant), Karin led the expansion of the leadership giving program, working closely with the board and the staff team to develop integrated fundraising and stewardship initiatives, which helped this critical pipeline program grow by 40% in less than two years.

In addition to working as a part of the staff for these leading nonprofit organizations, Karin has provided consulting support for advocacy organizations, animal welfare groups, health charities, and community service organizations and led both inbound and outbound telemarketing strategies for a leading telefundraising firm. In each of these roles, data mining and analytics have been the drivers of establishing and implementing the strategies that helped organizations thrive and grow.

Karin is active in the nonprofit community, currently serving as president-elect on the board of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) and by leading and participating in education program development for industry conferences and seminars. Karin is a well-respected speaker at fundraising and marketing conferences and has proudly served on the boards of many industry associations including the DMFA and the Advisory Council of the DMA Non-Profit Federation (now the ANA.) Karin earned a double Bachelor’s degree from Marymount University in political science and philosophy as well as a Master’s degree in political management from the George Washington University. She lives outside of Washington, DC. She loves to travel with her family, run with her dogs, and drink too much coffee. Not necessarily in that order. 

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