Rebuilding and Expanding a Fundraising Program

What we knew

After experiencing a downturn in results over several years, a regional library decided to step away from its library consortium. Although the consortium did offer some benefits in cost efficiencies and list access, the library was keen to broaden its fundraising efforts. The goal was to reclaim their unique voice to attract and retain donors who were more likely to increase their support over time.

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What we did

We began by giving a fresh look to the package creative, ensuring it communicated the distinct tone, voice, and perspective of the library. Next, our team delved into the available data to identify the right audience for both in-house file and acquisition campaigns. We focused particularly on warm prospects with high potential to convert to donors. Lastly, we scrutinized program costs. By taking advantage of cost-efficiencies within the program (like printing across several campaigns, reducing unnecessary color and special paper stock usage), we kept costs under control.

What happened

Within just the first year, we successfully transitioned the library from being part of a consortium to a stand-alone mailer!

While package costs remained steady year-over-year, we saw a boost in both retention and new donor acquisition. This led to a 50% growth in the donor file over the past two fiscal years and an impressive 10-percentage-point increase in overall retention!

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